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For a complete beauty makeover - enlarge and firm your breasts and reduce sagging with this breast enlargement video. From the best selling book.

Cosmetics and beauty makeovers enhance the beauty of your face - now enjoy a lovelier figure with larger, firmer, fuller breasts with this clinically proven breast implants alternative. Reduce sagging, improve unevenness of size, and develop lovelier proportions in the privacy of your own home.

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Breast Implants Alternative

Described in New Video

Researchers seeking a safe alternative to breast implants have reported the discovery of a natural breast enlargement method that women can learn to use at home.

Clinical studies conducted by independent teams of research scientists and medical doctors in Texas and Indiana, reported in Science Journals published in St. Paul and in New York, have produced documented test results like these: average breast enlargement increases of 2 inches; increases ranging as high as 3.54 inches.

Other researchers around the nation report equally dramatic results.

Researchers say that while the breast enlargement increases are impressive, the improvements in the shape of the breasts may be of even greater interest to women who want to improve their figures.

Improvements reported in the breast enlargement studies include increases in fullness and firmness, reduced sagging - of special interest to women who have had children - more attractive proportioning, and correcting unevenness of size.

Ranking high in the evaluation of the method, with researchers and the women alike, was the fact that it is a totally safe and natural breast enlargement method, and that the results are natural looking. The fact that it was easy for women to use at home was also felt to be significant.

In addition, the women were pleased that it takes only a few minutes a day and that it can be used by women of virtually any age.

Supported by an impressive body of scientific data, including papers presented at major universities such as the University of California at Los Angeles, California State University at Sacremento, the University of Houston and elsewhere, this breast enlargement technique involves teaching women a simple method for increasing blood circulation in the breast area.

The increased circulation helps a woman's body to complete the natural proportioning of her figure that began earlier in life.

The results of the studies are described in a newly released Video - Breast Enlargement Without Surgery. It also covers the New Dimensions Program - a program based on the studies - and shows how easily women can try this safe, natural breast enlargement program in their own home. From the blockbuster book on the method, it's a non-medical program that makes no medical claims.

Women interested in using the program at home can get information about how to order a copy of the Video at The Video comes with a Personal Progress Chart and sells for $39.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. It can also be ordered by calling 616-452-1771.

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