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Breast enlargement video - a proven program to enlarge and firm your breasts without plastic surgery or breast implants. From the best selling book.

Enjoy larger, firmer, fuller breasts with reduced sagging - improve unevenness of size, and develop lovelier proportions - with this easy-to-use alternative to plastic surgery breast augmentation and breast implants. Now you can use this proven breast enlargement program in the privacy of your own home for a lovelier, more attractive figure.

breast enlargement alternatives for breast implants and plastic surgery

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breast enlargement video - a proven program to enlarge and firm your breasts

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Here are reports from Medical Doctors, researchers, and the news media on this breast enlargement method. As an alternative to plastic surgery breast augmentation, and the dangers of breast implants, this method has been called "a safe sure alternative" for breast enlargement. Now women who would like to have larger breasts have "a desirable alternative" to the risks, and expense, of plastic surgery - and to depending on padded bras. And for those women who are concerned about sagging breasts - especially after pregnancy - women in the studies report being "very pleased with the increase in fullness and firmness of their breasts"

Scientists And the News Media
Report On The
Breast Enlargement Studies

The significance of the studies on this breast enlargement method, and the results achieved - and the benefits of this method over plastic surgery breast augmentation procedures and breast implants - were quickly reported in the news media. Here are the reactions of scientists and reporters to those clinical studies:

A Breast Enlargement Method That is Clinically Proven to be Successful

An obstetrician-gynecologist reports:

"There is no longer any question about the success and the possibilities regarding this method of breast development."
A Proven Alternative to Plastic Surgery

An M.D. involved in the research states:

"There's no question that the method is here to stay."
Natural Looking Results That Are Superior to Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation and Padded Bras

An M.D. using the method extensively writes:

" will bring about a natural improvement in your figure which is far superior to unnatural surgical procedures, exercise gimmicks, phony nutritional plans, and padded bras."
A Non-surgical Alternative to Breast Augmentation Operations

A popular women's magazine reports:

"Breast Enlargement has been established in two recent studies...a non-surgical alternative to breast augmentation operations."
A Safe and Sure Alternative to Plastic Surgery

A leading beauty magazine reports:

"...Scientists describe how breast growth can be stimulated...a safe and sure alternative to surgical build-up of the mammaries - operations which keep a small army of plastic surgeons busy even at $500 to $2,500 a pair - particularly since reports in the medical literature show that with the bigger bra sizes come new psycho-sexual 'highs'."
A Safer, Cheaper Plastic Surgery Alternative For Shapelier, Bigger Breasts

A popular fashion magazine reports:

"Today, an increasing number of women are turning to surgery for bigger or shapelier breasts. Now there seems to be a safer, alternative on the medical horizon...Now there's a promising - and mind-stretching new possibility...In a recent 12 week experiment 22 women volunteers ranging in age from 19 to 54 increased their bust measurements by an average of 2 inches and a maximum of four) ...All the volunteers noted an unmistakable sense of well-being and confidence in every aspect of their lives..."
Breast Enlargement Method Produces Average Increase in Breast Size of 2 Inches

A best-selling news-weekly reports:

"...'we found an average increase in breast size of about 2 inches' ... Similar experiments around the country achieved equally dramatic results."
Breast Enlargement Increases Are Maintained

An editor of a science journal reports:

"Every female experienced breast size increase - the average increase was two inches...and the increase was maintained."

Although the breast enlargement studies did receive coverage in the news media, an on network television, the information reached only a fraction of the public. Thus, this remarkable discovery was relegated to the position of most scientific breakthroughs - known to only a small portion of the public...and indeed to only a handful of professionals in the field.


The benefits of this method of breast enlargement as an alternative to plastic surgery breast augmentation are described in depth in the scientific journals. Here is a brief indication of the kind of data detailed in those journals.

From the Scientific Journals:

Average Breast Enlargement Increases of 2 Inches - Increases Ranging as High as 3.54 Inches


"The mean increase for the group was 2.11 inches. Individual increases ranged from a minimum of 1.0 inches to a maximum of 3.54 inches."
A Desirable Alternative to Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation - Average Increases of 2 Inches


",,,a desirable alternative to surgical methods of breast augmentation...subjects did show an increase in the breast size index between the pretreatment values and the post treatment values. The average increase was 5.00 cm..." (approximately 2 inches).
Breast Enlargement Study Results in Reduced Sagging and Fuller, Firmer Breasts - a Special Benefit After Pregnancy


"In this breast enlargement study, 63 percent of the subjects had had children and complained of pendulous breasts. These subjects expressed a desire to regain the fullness and contour of the breasts which they had before their pregnancy. All of these subjects reported they were very pleased with the increase in fullness and firmness of their breasts at the end of the study."

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