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Breast Enlargement
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Breast enlargement video - forget padded bras and enjoy an improved self-image with this proven program to enlarge and firm your breasts.

Enjoy larger, firmer, fuller breasts with reduced sagging - improve unevenness of size, and develop lovelier proportions - with this easy-to-use alternative to plastic surgery. Now you can use this proven breast enlargement program in the privacy of your own home for a lovelier, more attractive figure - and a dramatically improved self-image!

breast enlargement alternatives to padded bras and plastic surgery

The Breast Enlargement Without Surgery Book Program

breast enlargement video - enlarge and firm your breasts and enhance your self-image

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The Breast Enlargement

Without Surgery

Book Program

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Information about the Book

From the Introduction -

From Australia to Puerto Rico - from London to Japan - from Boston to Burbank - women everywhere are discovering that now there is a way to have larger, lovelier breasts, a smaller waistline, and a more attractive figure without plastic surgery. In all of the 50 states - and across the globe - a runaway best-selling breast enlargement program is helping women to reach their own personal figure development goals . . . to lose excess pounds . . . enjoy lovelier figures . . . and to develop the increased poise and self-confidence that only an enhanced self-image can bring.

For years women have had two choices for breast enlargement: plastic surgery, or highly advertised gimmicks - one an expensive, complicated, and sometimes risky procedure; the other, a sure road to disappointment.

Now a new discovery has marched out of the science labs and into the privacy of women's homes. For the first time there's a breast enlargement method that's so simple, so natural, so safe, that women can use it right at home. A method that's been clinically tested and proven by Research Scientists and Medical Doctors. It's backed by solid research that has been reported in Science Journals with documented test results like these: average increases of 2 inches - increases for all women in the breast enlargement studies - increases ranging as high as 3.54 inches.

Here is the story of this breast enlargement discovery . . . and the story of the women who have used it. Here is the first truly practical guide to show you, step-by-step, how you can learn this new method. From a comprehensive survey of the scientific data on which this breast enlargement Program is based, to the easy-to-follow instructions for using it, this Program takes you on an exciting journey that can lead you to the lovelier, more attractive figure that you've always dreamed of.

Here you will learn how a simple method for improving blood circulation in the breast area helps your breasts to grow naturally and your body to complete the natural proportioning of your figure that began earlier in your life. Here you will learn how to use this simple, pleasant method in the privacy of your own home for just a few minutes a day to help you reach your figure development goals. A scholarly, well-researched, carefully documented work, this book is written in a lively and entertaining style. Each page bristles with the excitement of a new discovery. It crackles and sizzles with the vibrant enthusiasm of the women who have used the Program. Follow their day-to-day progress as they enjoy the benefits of lovelier figures. Read their personal comments and feelings about it. Then use this exciting breakthrough breast enlargement Program yourself and experience the exhilaration and delight that a marvelously improved figure can bring you.

Whether you're interested in having larger breasts, reducing sagging, developing lovelier proportions, reducing your waistline, controlling your weight, or just enhancing your self-confidence and poise, this book is must reading for every woman. For here is the most definitive work yet published on this remarkable breast enlargement discovery.

For the first time . . . here's a figure Program that can actually help you enlarge and firm your breasts, and develop lovelier proportions without plastic surgery. Based on years of confirmed research studies, this safe, natural, easy-to-use breast enlargement Program has already been used by thousands of women all across the globe. Now this fascinating book lets you follow the day-to-day progress of women who have used it - explore the scientific evidence for it - and learn this easy breast enlargement method for yourself.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: A Revolutionary New Way to Have Larger Breasts and a Lovelier Figure

1 An Overview: How to Get the Most Out of This Book 9

Your Introduction to a New Breast Enlargement Program / 12
How You Can Learn the Program: Your Guide to the Use of This Book / 13
What Women Are Saying About this Breast Enlargement Program / 15
How You Can Begin at Once: A Plan For Using the Program While You Read the Book / 25

2 Newly Discovered Facts About Breast Enlargement 29

New Research on Breast Enlargement / 32
The Role of Blood Circulation in Breast Growth / 36
The Effects of Improved Blood Circulation on Breast Enlargement / 37

3 Current Research Findings for a New Breast Enlargement Method 39

New Clinical Studies on Breast Enlargement / 42
A Summary of the Results of the Clinical Studies / 43
A Closer Look at Three of the Studies / 46

4 The Significance of the New Discoveries 51

Reactions of Scientists and the News Media to the New Studies / 54
Scientific Journals Report on the Clinical Studies / 56
The Scientists Who Contributed to our Understanding of the Method / 57
A Look at Future Possibilities / 59

5 A Practical Program For Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement and Blood Circulation / 67
The Many Ways of Improving Blood Circulation / 67
A Scientifically Designed Breast Enlargement Program / 70

6 How the Program Works 75

Using the Program to Improve Blood Circulation / 81

7 Your Introduction to Using the Program 89

Ways of Using the Program / 93
An Overview / 97

8 The Basic Program 101

Step #1 / 109
Step #2 / 110
Step #3 / 111

9 The Accelerated Program

Step #4 / 122
Step #5 / 123
Step #6 / 124

10 How to Use the Program and the Progress Chart 127

Instructions for Using the Program / 129
Schedule for Use / 131
Recording Your Measurements / 133
The Two Minute Reinforcement Technique / 133
Your Progress Chart / 136
Starting on Your Own Personal Program / 138

11 Evaluating Your Progress 143

Sample Breast Enlargement Progress Charts - Part One / 149

12 Learning From Others 161

Sample Breast Enlargement Progress Charts - Part Two / 165

13 Maximizing Your Results 177

How to Enhance the Effectiveness of the Program / 183
How to Insure Your Success on the Program / 188

14 The Maximum Effects Program 193

Step #1 / 202
Step #2 / 203
Step #3 / 204
Step #4 / 206

15 Questions and Answers About this Method 211


Exploring the Scientific Data for the Method / 227
Suggested Readings and Bibliography / 231

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The Breast Enlargement

Without Surgery

Cassette Program

breast enlargement casstte photo

New Dimensions® • Figure Enhancement System •

New Dimensions Cassette Program

Three Audio Cassettes -

#1 The Basic Program - The New Dimensions Program
taken directly from the Breast Enlargement Without Surgery Video and recorded on cassette.
Designed for those who prefer the privacy and convenience of Audio Cassettes. This Cassette also provides a version of the Program with a female narrator in addition to a male narrator (not available in the video) so that you can choose either version you prefer.

#2 The Accelerated Program - an advanced program
(not on the Video) featuring three additional steps for
accelerated breast enlargement progress and enhanced effectiveness. Like The Basic Program, this Cassette also provides an alternate version of the Program with a female narrator so that you can choose either version you prefer.

#3 The Maximum Effects Program - for maximizing
your results, enhancing your self-image, and reaching
your full potential (not on the Video).

(These Cassetes are an optional addition to the Breast Enlargement Video -
since the Video contains the instructions for the Program
the Cassettes should not be ordered without the Video.)

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