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Health News - In clinical studies on this easy breast enlargement method women report being very pleased with the increased fullness and firmness of their breasts. This was especially important after pregnancy for women in the studies with children. Here are the details about the studies described in the video on this highly effective breast enlargement program.

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The Breast Enlargement Without Surgery Video is based on an extensive body of scientific data. In addition to the increases in breast size reported in Science Journals, other significant benefits have been cited including reduced sagging of the breasts, spontaneous weight loss, and the reduction of bulgy waistlines. Additional reported benefits include improved self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence, as well as improved sexual relations and sexual satisfaction. As an alternative to plastic surgery, the method is totally safe and highly effective. Here is a summary of the results of the studies.

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Clinical Studies On Breast Enlargement 

Independent researchers, working separately in different parts of the country, have been studying a highly successful approach to breast enlargement: the integration of several different methods of stimulating dormant or inhibited physiological processes to increase breast size without plastic surgery.

The results of these studies were remarkably favorable. Highly significant improvements in breast size were achieved with a simple, safe and reliable breast enlargement procedure. For the first time in recorded history breast enlargement had been achieved without surgical or medical procedures. The studies were conducted with appropriate controls and reported in recognized science journals. Measurements included vertical and horizontal dimensions as well as circumference. Unlike so-called bust developer exercisers marketed for many years, which at best affected only muscular development in the chest and back muscles and not actual breast size, this scientific breakthrough in breast enlargement affected actual breast size.

When the first study was completed the results were exciting. The AVERAGE increase in breast circumference of the participants was 2.11 inches! Additional studies confirmed that here at last was a simple, effective way to increase breast size. Moreover, further studies revealed additional benefits; increased fullness and firmness, better proportioning, smaller waistlines, spontaneous weight loss, etc.

Here at last was a vitally important scientific breakthrough in breast enlargement techniques; a sensible alternative to plastic surgery; a technique, demonstrated in controlled scientific studies, with significant measurable results for virtually all participating women; a technique that can be utilized by any woman, in the privacy of her own home, in just a few minutes a day; a technique that can increase the actual size of the breasts, as well as firming and shaping them.

Supported by an impressive body of scientific data, including papers presented at major universities such as the University of California at Los Angeles, California State University at Sacremento, the University of Houston and elsewhere, this breast enlargement technique offers women a safe, sure, natural way to enlarge and firm their breasts without surgery.


In summary, these studies show that the following results can be achieved:

1. All women who participated in the specific research and clinical studies on breast enlargement reported in the scientific journals achieved measurable increases in breast size.

2. Average increases of total breast size in two independent clinical studies were approximately two inches with breast enlargement increases ranging as high as 3.54 inches.

3. The increases were of actual breast size not just the size of the chest or chest muscles. Breast size was measured both vertically and horizontally, as well as in circumference, to verify that the actual size of the breasts had increased.

4. Increased fullness and firmness of the breasts was reported by women participating in the breast enlargement studies. This was vitally important to those who previously had a problem of sagging breasts (a complaint among women who had children). The medical doctor who conducted the study stated that all of the women in the study reported that they were very pleased with the resulting increase in firmness and fullness of the breasts.

5. More attractive proportioning of the breasts was another reported benefit of this breast enlargement method. In the study cited above the doctor also stated that all participants who previously had breasts of uneven sizes, reported that their breasts were even in size by the conclusion of the study.

6. Spontaneous weight loss was also reported by many of the women in this study. Forty-two percent of the women during the 12 week study lost weight - and still had significant breast enlargement.

7. Smaller waistlines were delightful by-products of the program reported by researchers in another study. In this breast enlargement study careful records were kept of waist sizes in the tests. The result: all of the participants reduced their waistlines by the end of the study, regardless of whether they lost weight or not. In addition to the reduction in waist size, they increased their breast size by an average of approximately two inches.

8. Other positive changes were also reported for a substantial percentage of the participants. For example, 78 percent of the participants in one of the studies reported other positive changes in their lives.

There is another very important benefit of this method of breast enlargement: the results are more natural looking than plastic surgery. As one medical doctor who uses the method extensively points out, surgical procedures do not always produce a totally natural look or feel. He encourages women to try this method instead of considering the serious step of surgery. With complication rates as high as 60 percent having been reported for plastic surgery, this recommendation certainly makes sense.

It is noteworthy, incidentally, that when breast size is enlarged by whatever means there are other concomitant beneficial results. For example, in one follow-up study of women who had their breasts enlarged, the women reported increased self-esteem, increased self-confidence, improved self-images, and feeling happier in all areas of their lives. Many felt that their interpersonal and marital relationships improved. They enjoyed their sexual relationships more and reported increased sexual satisfaction.

For those interested in reading the complete details of the studies on this breast enlargement method we refer you to the publications cited in the breast enlargement video, and to the comprehensive bibliography in the breast enlargement book.

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